Maple Sweet

Price: $50/hr
Capacity: 14 people

This room is upstairs facing the parking lot. It is a smaller space that could be used for meetings, smaller gatherings, or as a bridal suite. There is a full bath located just down the hall available for any guests to use. The space also offers a tv that could be used for meeting presentations, etc.

The Vista

Price: $75/hr
Capacity: 30 people

This room is located upstairs overlooking the bar and restaurant down below as well as the golf course. This space can be utlized for showers, parties, small receptions, and meetings. The French doors allow a private space where the large windows and fireplace serve as the main features. This space does not require much decoration as it shines on its own. A full bath is accessible just down the hall for any guest to use. This space also offers four tvs that can be used to show presentations, picture slideshows, etc.

The Samara

Price: $100/hr
Capacity: 50 people

This room is located on the main floor and is the most versatile. While it can stand alone as its own room, beautiful floor to ceiling accordian glass doors cover the entire wall allowing the space to open up to the patio.* This room alone fits 50 people comfortably, allowing guests to mingle around the fireplace, dance on an open dance floor, or socialize and dine. This room contains its own private entrance in the front of the building and can be arranged in many different ways, especially if utilizing the patio as well. This space is perfect for any event or occasion, ranging from small parties to weddings.

* Please note that booking The Samara only includes the indoor room. If wanting to book The Samara and The Patio together, it must be indicated on the Event Space Request Form. A discount is given when booking both spaces together.

The Patio

Price: $150/hr
Capacity: 100 people

This ourdoor space holds so much potential for any event desired. Accomodating 100 people, this partially covered patio spans alongside The Samara. This space could be used for a range of events including barbeques, cocktail hours, weddings and receptions, bridal showers, etc. The possiblities are endless to take advantage of the nice warm spring and summer weather or even crisp fall nights.